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Want to join 709 Roller Derby?

Interested in skating? Let us show you the ropes; become a Skater or Referee! 


Learn the Basics

We regularly run recruitment events that offer participants the opportunity to try quad skating and learn some basics of roller derby. During a recruitment event, we teach participants basic skating form, including finding your balance, "derby stance", strides, falling, and stopping. We also provide information about the sport and introduce you to the coaching staff, executive board, as well as some skaters and referees.

Don't have any gear? Not to worry! Contact us and we'll borrow gear for you and put you on the list for the next recruitment event.


What happens after Recruitment Night?

709 Roller Derby's skater and referre training is a 12-week program called Learn to Skate. The Learn to Skate proram begins with the basics of stance, falls, and stops, then progresses to skating in a pack, before getting to contact with other skaters. If you are leaning towards becoming a referee, you will also learn the basics of skating. When skaters intending to play roller derby begin learning contact, you will move towards referee-specific skills. You will also be introduced to roller derby as a sport, learning rules and gameplay.


You will need your own skates to take part in the Learn to Skate program. At the end of the program, you can complete the minimum skills testing, which all league skaters take on a regular basis to ensure they can skate safely. Your first minimum skills test, when passes, is your ticket to being a rostered skater or referee.

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